Aquatic sports

Sorrento aquatics: enjoy the beach and go diving, sailing or rent a boat

Scuba diving in Sorrento and the Sorrento Peninsula


One can find beautiful diving sites along the coastline of the Sorrentine Peninsula.
Particularly the small bays along the steep cliffs offer a stunning underwater world. Not only the clear and clean waters around Sorrento, but also the geographical conditions of the rocky coastline provide a habitat for many fish and sea dwellers.
Beautiful diving sites can be found for example at the Baia di Puolo, in Marina del Cantone or in Marina di Lobra.
In Marina di Lobra you can also find a diving school with professional instructors to learn scuba diving, to have a guide to explore the most beautiful parts of the underwater world, or even just to borrow equipment.

"Diving Tour"


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Sailing in Sorrento, Italy


In addition to the diving school Marina di Lobra also offer a sailing school and boat rental. Sailing alongside the cliffy coastline of the Sorrento Peninsula is an unforgettable experience! Enjoy the sport, the view and the good wind!
If you are a professional sailor, you can of course also sail along the coast with your own boat and you will find at the port of Sorrento a wonderful environment to call at. However, the berthing fees in the region of Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi Coast should not to be underestimated. In August you may have to pay around 100 Euros!
In Piano de Sorrento  you can book guided cruises at the "Sorrento Sail Charter". Whether Capri, Ischia or Amalfi Coast, here you have the choice of many beautiful and exciting tours.





"Sorrento Sail Charter"


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Luxury vacation on a yacht in the Gulf of Naples



A first class experience is renting a luxury yacht in Sorrento! If you have the means, you can charter a yacht with staff and catering for a day or for an entire week. More information for your luxury holiday in the harbor of Sorrento can be found at this website:




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