Island Capri

The island Capri: Capri, Anacapri, the Blue Grotto and the colorful nature

A small natural paradise offshore Sorrento in the Gulf of Naples


The heavenly island Capri is located right offshore the Sorrento Peninsula. Like a shining rock, the white cliffs rise from the deep blue sea. From a distance the island seems harsh and almost surreal, only on a boat approaching the island the beauty of the island reveals itself in the brightest colors. The islands’ villages Capri and Anacapri are situated on two plateaus surrounded by the most beautiful Mediterranean scenery one can imagine.

Ferries and boats leave daily from Sorrento’s port to Capri, and it can only be recommended to every visitor to Sorrento to include a day trip to this wonderful islands in his travel schedule. Yet during high season the island is overcrowded with visitors from all over the world, so that it will be sufficient to spend one day only on this island, and one will also be glad to return to the calmer town Sorrento. Yet no matter how many tourists visit the island each year, the natural, incomparable beauty of Capri does not suffer. 


The main village: Capri



Most of the Island with its 10 km² is blocked for cars and only locals are allowed to drive on the islands, for tourists it is luckily prohibited to bring a car.

Unfortunately the island is quite expensive,especially in the village Capri, a lunch with the wonderful view can add up to quite an amount. So you should maybe just spend the lunch hour in Anacapri instead.

Yet no matter the obstacles, you should definitely visit Capri, because the sight of such beauty will be worth the expenses!

Both villages of the island are simply lovely.The facades of the old fishermen’s houses are nicely renovated and the neat gardens border the streets and alleys. The higher you get on the island, the nicer the view overlooking the green island with the white cottages  and colorful flowers onto the crystal clear, turquoise sea gets. The island is a Garden of Eden, with an unique fauna and more than 150 types of plants that can only be found on the island of Capri.


The Blue Grotto



The Blue Grotto of Capri is known worldwide. Motorboats leave the port of Capri at short intervals to take tourists to see the wonderful grotto embedded in white rocks, where the sun reflects in the most beautiful colors.


The Villa Jovis

Starting in the village Capri it takes you about 45 minutes to hike to the archaeological excavations of the Villa of Tiberio,  also known as the Villa Jovis. A splendid mansion of the great Roman emperor once was situated on the 7000sqm, and today one can still see remains of the walls and cisterns. Particularly impressive is the cliff directly below the villa, that plunges down vertically and the waves breaking at the rocks.


The Villa San Michele


Less known is the second village of Capri on the higher plateau,  Anacapri. Here you should definitely visit the Villa San Michele, that was built in the early 20th century by the Swedish writer Alex Munthe. The view the heavenly garden of the villa offers is incomparably beautiful, and probably the best viewpoint on the island. Over a sea of ​​Mediterranean flora you look down to the port of Capri surrounded by cliffs and the intense blue of the sea.


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