Beaches of Sorrento, Italy

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Due to the distinctive landscape and the cliffy coastline, there are no long beaches, but many bays. Mostly, this pebble and partly sandy bays can be found right in front of the villages. Sometimes the bays are covered with flat rocks from where you can climb into the sea to take a refreshing bath. These small bays, surrounded by cliffs and rocks might offer little space only, yet they are very charming.
Sorrento and the Sorrento Peninsula offer some really nice bays and beaches to relax in the sun or swim, still this region is certainly not the ideal destination for travelers looking for long, sandy beaches as can be found in other regions of Italy.
Most of the beaches are located west of Sorrento. Yet the farther westward, towards the tip of the peninsula as well as in the south of the peninsula, the coastal landscape is very harsh and rocky, so there are only a few sandy beaches and the hidden bays are often difficult to reach and one has to hike quite a bit.


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