Mount Vesuvius

Volcano Mount Vesuvius: Climb up the Mount Vesuvius or take a tour to the volcano

The impressive volcano Mount Vesuvius watching over Naples


Visiting Sorrento you will be confronted with the powerful face of the volcano Mount Vesuvius behind the Gulf of Naples every day, which seems to latently watch the busy city Napoli on its foothills. Yet the city seems to nestle harmonically on the foothills of the impressive lava slopes, which seems almost impossible considering the devastating consequences the last eruption of the volcano caused.

Yet since 1944 no more activity has been detected, the volcano doesn’t even release smoke no more. Still Mount Vesuvius hasn’t gone out, he seems to be again in a century long deep sleep.


It is possible to climb up the volcano on your own as no immediate danger derives from the volcano, and all activity - or missing activity is monitored around the clock. One can drive up the Mount Vesuvius up to an altitude of 1000 meters, and then one needs to continue on foot for about 15 minutes to reach the caldera. But apart from cold lava and some steam vents not much can be seen here that hints to the dangerous nature of the volcano.


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