Shopping and crafts in Sorrento: Find markets, souvenirs and Majolica in Sorrento

Shopping in Sorrento


Right in the heart of the town is the Via S. Cesareo, a beautiful street full of fancy stores. Here you will find not only a lot of nice stores, but one also walks alongside beautifully preserved Baroque facades from the 17th and 18th century. On Tuesdays, this street turns into a hustle and bustle when the local merchants set up their booths for the weekly market. Here, at the colorful market one can buy all a heart can desire - fresh products from the region, household goods and clothing, or tourist souvenirs.


The handicrafts

The handicrafts have a particularly strong presence in Sorrento. Many small shops have their own workshops, engaged in artful carpentry, reconstructing antiques or producing pottery and majolica. Also here in the inner city one can still find small shops that sell handmade embroidery and lace, fabricated specifically for the taste of the many English visitors for now over more than half a century.​​ 

At the pretty church of San Francesco above the port, there are more nice shops that offer exquisite handicrafts. Mostly they sell replicas of antiques, yet these are made outstandingly artfully. Pieces with colorful wooden marquetry, produced in Sorrento, are especially popular.