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CLIMATE & WEATHER in Sorrento in Italy

Temperature, sunny days and weather forecast for Sorrento


Due to its geographical location, Sorrento is blessed with an incredibly pleasant and warm climate pretty much throughout the year. On an annual average, Sorrento has about 250 days of sunshine!
Thanks to the Mediterranean climate even the winter doesn't get very cold, the temperatures are usually between 4-15 ° C. Yet from November to March it can be rainy for longer periods and the weather is generally rather humid.
The summer months (especially July-August) can be very hot and dry (temperatures up to 35 ° C).
During spring and autumn the climate is temperate and considered as most pleasant.

The weather and water temperature in Sorrento during midsummer

Please note: If you stay at or nearby the beach in July and August, you can easily catch a bad sunburn in Sorrento. The sunshine is usually much more intense than in Central Europe, therefore you should make sure to use proper sun protection.
The water temperature in the summer is very pleasant to go swimming. Already in May, the water temperature is around 18 ° C and thus swimming is already possible that early in the year. During midsummer, one finds warm water temperatures between 21 ° -26 ° C at the shore of Sorrento. Even in October, it is still possible to swim in the beautiful sea water, and it is not until November that the water cools off again.

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